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About this Forum & its Guidelines
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    About this Forum & its Guidelines

    by LP Nick » Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:24 am

    Welcome to the Lunar Planner Forum

    This is an Educational Forum for the Lunar Planner; Sidereal Astrology, Earth's Precessional Cycle and Precessional Cross, and other topics common to the Lunar Planner web site--from the DNA and Bio-harmonics to the stars and distant galaxies. This forum is intended to be a fun and educational way for everyone to learn from each other's experiences with topics common to the Lunar Planner website. Participate in what can become a tremendous educational resource!

    Everyone can read the Forum. If you want to post anything you must register (its free). Registration is easy. Simply click the "register" link above. Then enter a username and password. Your username is what other forum users will see next to any post you make. Registration is required for a variety of reasons, a main one is to help keep "forum spam-bots" from auto-posting their junk. There are also other features that registering makes possible, such as private messaging, which keeps your email private. After you register, you can update your "User Control Panel" (drop-down menu in the upper right next to the search box). There you can also upload a personalized "avatar" (pic) if you like.

    If you are new to forums in general, they are pretty straight forward and become easily understood once you participate a bit. Once a post is made in any of the forums, then others can comment upon that specific post, thus evolving a topic discussion. As the forum fills with discussions, you can either explore each forum by browsing through them or you can search the forums using specific key words with the "Forum Search Feature." You can even contact forum members using the Forums "Private Messaging." There is also an extensive Forum FAQ page should you have other questions about how the forum works.

    There are three primary categories each with several forums. Choose the forum appropriate for your topic. There is an "announcement" in each forum with reference material for that specific forum. Users are asked to become familiar with the reference material for a specific forum before posting in that forum.

    Please, intelligent comments only; no foul, derogatory, superficial, or inappropriate language. Use of the forum for advertising or solicitation is prohibited. Please keep topics relevant to the Lunar Planner web site. Please communicate with mutual respect for all views and all levels of understanding. Disrespectful, inappropriate or superficial posts will be Plutonized without notice. Let me qualify: the statement: "I do not understand, would you clarify what you are saying?" is very intelligent. The Statement "Cool dude I concur." is serially questionable !

    Please realize this forum will be "pruned" on a regular basis. This means that inappropriate or trivial posts, posts that generate little interest will be removed. Posts with links advertising other sites, publications, or products will be deleted immediately. Pruning is normally performed on forums to keep a forum on topic, uncluttered, and of reasonable size. The purpose of this forum is for discussion about lunar planner topics. There are a variety of ways for people to search the web for related work. This forum is not intended as a resource to index such work, or to serve the purpose of a search engine.

    If you are more advanced in any of the Lunar Planner topics (sidereal astrology, lunar cycles, bio-harmonics, etc) and are replying to a novice astrologer or new visitor, please consider the level of esoteric / astrological language you use. There is a wide range of understanding regarding these subjects, and this is a place of learning for all.

    Enjoy :)

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