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The Composition of Number by Barbara Mae Brunner

Original Work in the Field of Theoretical Mathematics
Including a 63 page Introduction

Learn of the "ratio-based fabric" underlying all numbers and number patterns, and the new "generalized formula" from which Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence are composed.

Presented at the June 2002 International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Application.

Check out Barbara's WEB Page introducing her work:

Earth Resonance by Ernest (Shine) Richards

Technical information and inspirational thought
regarding Earth Resonance

Earth Resonance by Shine Richards

Shine is dedicated to honoring, exploring, and understanding Earth and Earth's energetic connections to its life-forms and to the whole cosmos. You will also find links to the work of a miriad of other researchers involved with Earth resonance and subtle energy. We call him "Shine" for a reason! This is where the folds of the heart reveal the Truth of the Heavens.

Earth Resonance

Andrés Boulton Takra

Andrés Boulton Takra Sidereal Astrologer

Sidereal Astrology & other Cosmic Thoughts

Sitio en español (Site in Spanish)

Andrés published "The Wisdom of Sidereal Astrology" (1983) in English (now out of print). He also has other publications in Spanish.

Sidereal Astrology Readings

by Lyn Dalebout

Lyn Dalebout Sidereal Astrology

When Lyn reads your birth map, it is with the true star alignments in present time, so this type of reading literally helps you live in the Now, accessing the gift of each moment as it presents itself. The Present. Lyn's readings can help articulate past patterns that have outlived their benefit and need to be released so you can more easily move into a dynamic, creative life. With the help of these potent and beneficent universal energies assisting us at this time, it is a great time to consider a reading.

Lyn offers readings for new clients, and updates of previous client’s charts for an understanding of how these major shifts might be nudging you in new directions. She also offers Comparison charts; readings for children; and family or organization comparisons.

Lyn is both a poet and astrologer. Her web site is

I met Lyn in the 1980s when I offered sidereal astrology classes. I highly recommend Lyn Dalebout for your sidereal astrology consultation. Nick

Soulsign Astrology

by Adam Gainsburg

Adam Gainsburg

Adam is a healer, intuitive, teacher, and guide for the Soul. With a background in somatic and psychological healing, since 2002 he has consulted, taught and mentored many individuals, couples and groups to bring their Soul’s embodied brilliance into the world via their empowered and expanded Self Identity. His devotion to authentic presence and practical life experience — rooted in the somatic intelligence of the Human Heart — give rise to Adam’s unmistakable kindness and skill.

A visionary at the leading edge of astrology, meditation, sound therapy and healing, Adam’s foremost gift is the rare ability to facilitate others in opening into and courageously embracing their full-spectrum humanity. He accomplishes this from his profound commitment to Love First.

Horse Warriors by Priscilla Marden

An equine-facilitated youth empowerment program
for ages 12 to 21.

We teach, model, and encourage the values of:

- compassion
- clear communication
- personal responsibility and accountability
- volunteer involvement with community
- and respect for the health and well being of ourselves and our environment.

Horse Warriors - Priscilla Marden

We partner with horses to teach these gentle yet powerful paths to self-awareness, using horsemanship; art; writing; mentored discussion; and creative self-expression to clarify and ground students' individual perceptions of how this positive transformation is taking place within their own lives.

Priscilla lives from the spirit of the stars and impeccably demonstrates that spirit on Earth.