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"The stars would not be in the heavens if we
were meant to walk in darkness."

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This Lunar Month's Theme

Focus, Dedication & Commitment
Facing the Facts

January 28, 2017 - February 26, 2017Lunar Cycle

A Synopsis of this Lunar Month

Capricorn New Moon

This January 28, 2017 UT (Jan 27 MST) New Moon resides amongst the stars of Capricorn, the goat. The New Moon conjoins the tip of the Missile of Zeus in the northern heavens. It conjoins the stars of the Microscope and Indus in the southern heavens, the latter which articulates the nature of the shaman or indigenous with intuitive sensitivity to the land, subtle energy and sacredness of life. It also conjoins what once was Sanduleak's star in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own. Sanduleak's star blew to smithereens in 1987 leaving nothing but a Super Nova Remnant behind.

An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology

This lunar cycle brings attention to the symbiotic nature of our lives, especially the symbiosis of our lives and Earth, of our physical wellbeing and the land and environment, of our consciousness and that of Earth's.

It brings emphasis to issues of trust and impels us to trust in self and in life even though we may not see how to get to where are we going. Here lies our need to keep moving forward by trusting in the paths of our souls and in the forces of nature guiding us, rather than in preconceptions made from our limited egoic selves, which are biased by the deceiving physical facades we wear upon the incarnate stage of life or the circumstances of our lives.

It impels us to do our own investigative research, to examine the detail, to get the facts rather than following superficial appearances, what the masses naively follow, or what we may hear or see in the media or on the internet. It brings emphasis not only to listening, but to hearing, to hearing the meaning behind the noise of mass mentality and its chatter, or to the truth hidden beneath our own mental chatter. It brings emphasis to work, commitment to our long-term goals and to education and teaching. It impels conscious creative initiative with intuitive sensitivity to environmental conditions to manifest the lives we seek. Blunders made by following assumptions and miss-information can lead to the same fate of Sanduleak's star.

The January 28, 2017 New Moon quintile to the Uranus-Eris conjunction and Tredecile to the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction.

Pent Progression Audio Sample
About Light & Sound Harmonics

The New Moon is also quintile (72°) to the Uranus-Eris conjunction and thus is Tredecile (108°) to the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction, which is the Quintile's compliment. The quintile and tredecile are angles common to sacred geometry. The quintile is a 5th harmonic (a division of a whole into five parts). It impels an expansive awakening into our uniqueness of being, into our unique individuality, to rise from the common or repetitive bounds of the quarternized world (to step out of the box of mass-consciousness). It is like the emergence of a unique flower from a bud, or the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon. The tredecile imparts a mothering quality, a serendipitous interaction that supports a unique or special situation, the awakening into uniqueness imparted by the quintile, and in this case the energetic of the Uranus-Eris synthesis, impelling us to create progressive innovative radical change based upon the disclosures and exposures of that which had been hidden from view or covered over by discordant motives. This is also of significance because Haumea has somewhat of a midwife quality, impelling a new birth of consciousness, to re-create or to produce a new expression of our selves, and of course (conjoining) Jupiter magnifies and mobilizes this energetic.

Isis and Osiris New Moon conjunction.

Isis-Osiris placement just pointed out to me by Rae Buerckner on FB.

We have entered an intensification of planetary aspects around January 17 with the first exact Jupiter-Eris opposition, which continues to intensify through early March (throughout this lunar cycle and the next). This involves the Jupiter-Haumea conjunction in opposition to the Uranus-Eris conjunction. Jupiter maintains an exceptionally tight orb in its opposition to Eris (less than 1/2°) as it slows to its retrograde station, which occurs on Feb 5-6, and then through its second exact opposition, which occurs on the Balsamic Moon of Feb 22. During this time, Vesta, now retrograde, moves into position to make a sustained T-Square with the entire Jupiter-Haumea / Uranus-Eris alignment. This sustained T-Square occurs throughout this entire lunar cycle. Vesta conjoins Pollux and Castor of the Gemini Twins, bringing emphasis to ambassadorial negotiation and mutual cooperation.

Mercury-Vesta Grand Square

Mercury, just after conjoining Pluto on January 29 (just after the New Moon), triggers and fulfills this T-Square by opposing Vesta to make a Grand Square. This occurs on January 31 through February 2, between the Crescent and First Quarter Moons of this lunar cycle. The Moon activates this Grand Square as it conjoins Uranus and Eris on February 2—certainly to be a potent if not an extra-significant day. This Vesta sustained T-Square and the Mercury Grand Square precedes a yet more potent event as Mars makes its conjunction with Uranus and Eris in opposition to Jupiter and Haumea in late February on the next New Moon, an Annular Solar Eclipse.

In short, we can consider this configuration (the Vesta retrograde T-Square and Mercury Grand Square) as a time to get clear and refocused, and to rededicate our commitment to our paths forward. This is a prerequisite to the Mars late February Solar Eclipse trigger, which will provide catalyst to then actualize progressive radical change. Vesta will complete its retrograde after this event, in mid-March, and then make another T-Square with the Uranus-Eris-Haumea opposition in April, closing this phase of triggers occurring in this longer series of alignments with Uranus, Eris, Jupiter and Haumea, which continues through September 2017. More about this is presented in the January updates in the article "Disclosure & Discovery, New Frontiers in Consciousness 2016-2017," where I will also expound upon the details and meaning of these events over time.

A segment of the 2016-2017 Graphic Ephemeris showing Vesta's aspects.

A segment of the 2016-2017 Graphic Ephemeris showing Vesta's aspects, with the Mercury and Mars triggers.

You can pause the video and drag the progress bar to view any section of the video.

A Brief Recap of the Planetary Forces Active

Eris, our warrior princess, uncovers, exposes and discloses our denials or what we are simply blind to see. She opens our eyes to a greater reality once hidden, forcing us to redefine our world view, and to embark upon new paths accordingly. Conjoining Uranus, the Great Awakener, impeller of radical and progressive change, breaks us from the conforming bounds of an antiquated past.

Vesta, another feminine force, is the asteroid of focus, dedication and commitment; of physical, emotional, and mental clarity; and of self-respect. Vesta brings a capacity to be pure within self at all levels for the expression of one’s highest potential and true Essence. Vesta is of strength, purity, and perfection—of total dedication to purpose. Vesta brings attention to that which is of true importance to us and will ignite and burn away that which is not so we can become clear. Vesta is keeper of the sacred flame within self. Vesta asks us to examine our inner values, our passion in life, to become clear on them, and to use our creativity to keep that fire alive.

Haumea, yet another feminine force, impels a rebirth in consciousness, or to take on a new form, to reinvent our selves. Although perhaps a gentler force than Eris, she nonetheless expresses from an exceptionally dynamic high-velocity state in perfect equilibrium, powerful and confident in knowing what is required to facilitate a new birth. Haumea is now ramped up in power, higher ideals, and expansive mobilization by majestic Jupiter.

You can pause the video and drag the progress bar to view any section of the video.

Jupiter begins its retrograde on February 5 (Feb 6 UT), to arrive at its second direct oppositions with Eris and Uranus, occurring on Feb 22 and March 3 respectively, during which will occur Mars' conjunction with Uranus and Eris. Jupiter maintains a very tight orb in its opposition to Eris throughout this time (less than 1°), as shown in the graphic ephemeris presented above. Jupiter will also arrive to make it second exact square to Pluto on March 30. Jupiter's direct station will occur on June 9, and then head for its third and final opposition to Eris and Uranus as it conjoins Haumea with Ceres creating a T-Square in the September grand finale of Jupiter's role in the Uranus-Eris-Haumea 2-year alignment. All of this is graphically shown in the graphic ephemeris in the Uranus-Eris-Haumea article, and in the 2017 annual Graphic Ephemeris.

This Full Moon, occurring on February 10 (Feb 11 UT), produces a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, although viewable, it is not too spectacular visually because the Moon will dim just slightly. The Lunar Eclipse is followed by an Annular Solar Eclipse, which occurs on February 26 (our following New Moon). It is nearly a Total Eclipse, with the Moon covering 98.5% of the Sun's disk. It will be visible in the southern hemisphere. The main event for 2017, eclipse wise, comes with the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse, which crosses the continental US (shown below the lunar month synopsis on the current Lunar Planner home page).

"The entire eclipse is visible from Europe, Africa, western Asia, eastern North and South America. Observers in western North and South America miss the early stages of the eclipse while eastern Asia misses the late stages. None of the eclipse is visible from Japan, Australia or New Zealand." Fred Espenak,

The February 11, 2017 Lunar Eclipse map.

Our Full Moon eclipse brings our Capricorn lunar cycle to its culmination. It brings an emotional reset and release of tension. It is exceptionally progressive, imparting a sense of optimism, emotional confidence, enthusiasm and adventure for the six months ahead—in the midst of ongoing and accelerating change. It brings emphasis to break new trail, to break new ground, to leave the comfort of mass consensus, to go where we have not gone before.

The February 11, 2017 Eclipse aspect geometry

The Sun and Full Moon Eclipse directly aspect the Uranus-Eris opposition to Jupiter-Haumea, by trine and sextile creating a rectangle or strength, and to Saturn, just as Saturn enters sidereal Sagittarius, still conjoining tyrannical Ixion. Saturn, being the capstone and midpoint to the rectangle makes it a primary factor in our Full Moon eclipse geometry. A Grand Trine forms between the Moon, Uranus-Eris and Saturn-Ixion. The overall geometry creates and exceptional stable harmonious doorway. Note the aspects to Chiron—the key to unlock the door!

The Sun conjoins the third largest Dwarf Planet, 2007 OR10 on the South Lunar Node, on Febraury 21, ~15:30 UT (8:30 AM MST), just before the Balsamic Moon. It has yet to be named, but that may happen this year. 2007 OR10 currently conjoins Sadalmelik and Ancha of Aquarius. More about 2007 OR10.

Green Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
Going for the Northern Crown
February 2017 Fly-by

You can pause the video and drag the progress bar to view any section of the video.

Moving at 51,000 mph, Comet 45P/H-M-P will be closest to Earth around 8:00 UT (1:00 AM MST / 3:00 AM EST) on Saturday morning, February 11th. Best viewing times last for about 5 days, although hampered a bit by the Moon's light. The Comet conjoins Haumea and Jupiter on February 14 (opposite Uranus-Eris).

More Green Comet Information and Videos

Theses are but a few of many events occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores the details of these events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical sidereal astrology and synodic astrology.

Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

For those who have the Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations, this entire lunar cycle is an ideal time to work with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter audio meditations in succession and in that order. See the "Lunar Cycle Timing Chart" found under the "Resources" menu on the Planetary Bio-Harmonics web page.

More Updates are below.

Free Lunar Calendar Downloads, Latest Articles and more are below.

January 2017 Updates to the Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Jupiter-Haumea article:

Latest additions include the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting articulating Ceres influence with the Uranus-Eris / Jupiter Haumea alignment; and Shakara: A Classic Example of Ceres, Uranus and Eris, & Jupiter-Haumea. I am now adding material on the January-March 2017 Catalyst with Evolutionary Ramifications. (The Mercury-Vesta Grand Square with Uranus-Eris-Ceres opposite Jupiter-Haumea & Mars-Uranus-Eris). I plan to add more about the U.S. Presidential Inauguration & The Women's March, with reference to key roles of the Saturn-Ixion conjunction and Sedna aspecting the main planetary alignment. I will continue to add updates to this article as time moves on, so do check back from time to time. This planetary energetic continues throughout 2017.

August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Map

August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years. The last one occurred February 26, 1979. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow across land begins in Oregon and ends in South Carolina. The longest duration of totality (2 min. 41.6 sec.) occurs at Giant City State Park in Illinois. Everyone in the mainland U.S. will see at least a partial eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Information on

More Facts and viewing times

More articles, reference material and recent
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About Lunar Cycles

You need not know a thing about astrology to live in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles. The progressing lunar cycles and their changing eight lunar phases is a natural time piece of spiraling creative expression. Participating and acting in time with the changing lunar phases can enhance your creative process, synchronize your mind and body, teach you how to breathe with your emotions, to live in the power of the present, and help you to become more productive and follow through with your plans and ideals. Most of all, it can drastically reduce stress that is so prominent when living in our modern-day mechanized and synthetic world that is out of touch with our natural biological rhythms. Simply download the Lunar Planner Introduction and each month's Lunar Calendar to learn how. It is free, simple and fun.

Phases of the Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Calendar

There are two parts to the Monthly Lunar Calendar:

1) The Lunar Calendar Introduction - The Lunar Cycle & Lunar Phases

This FREE printable document provides simple and empowering instructions on how to live in attunement to the natural lunar phases. It includes a detailed explanation of the characteristics of each lunar phase, how one lunar phase shifts to another, creating an experiential spiral of personal growth.

The Lunar Planner Introduction is not something to just read, it is an experiential and participatory tool that can empower you to live in harmony and balance with your emotional and physical experience. To gain full benefit from the Lunar Planner, use it along with each month's lunar calendar on a daily basis: write down your experiences and feelings in each month's calendar, especially before and after each lunar phase shift. Observe and and take note of your experiences and feelings on a daily basis in the context of the lunar phase characteristics as presented in this Introduction. Doing so quickly reveals how your life experience, inner feelings, and realizations are colored by lunar phases and their transitions. As you observe the synchronicity between your life experience, inner feelings, and the changing lunar phases, you can then learn to consciously live attuned to the natural spiral of growth rather than just observe it, not merely scheduling your activities within the lunar spiral of growth, but more importantly, embracing your life experience in its fullness, living in the present and thus gaining greater self-empowerment through the inner growth your life experience has to offer.

Lunar Planner Introduction is a free PDF.

The Introduction is a 9 page printable PDF file available to view or download (~600 kb).

2) The Monthly Lunar Calendar

Printed annual Lunar Planner writing journal

You can also order the Annual Lunar Planner Writing Journal. Printed and shipped to you.

The two page Lunar Calendar is posted a few days before each NEW MOON. The Lunar Calendar reveals the dates and times of each lunar phase shifts and their changing characteristics. You can use the lunar calendar as a daily planner as well as a journal to record your experiences and feelings as the changing lunar phase occur.

Writing your experiences in the Lunar Calendar and correlating them with the changing lunar phases is the best way to learn how the lunar cycles and their changes phases work at an experiential level. Working with the Lunar Planner Introduction along with each month's lunar calendar can help you to become consciously aware of the lunar rhythm in your life and how to participate with it in empowerment. The Lunar Calendar goes hand-in-hand with the above Lunar Planner Introductory pdf file.

• The "Journal Version" of the Lunar Calendar is FREE to all visitors.

• An "Aspects Version" of the Lunar Calendar is available to subscribers, It has the principal lunar aspects and other planetary cycles listed under each lunar phase, for those wishing to have this additional information.

The Monthly Lunar Calendar free PDF

The Dec 29, 2016
Lunar Calendar

The Jan 28, 2017
Lunar Calendar

The Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary

Planetary cycles create the evolutionary currents of growth occurring within ourselves and our lives. To know what these cycles of life are asking of us is to consciously participate in life from a place of personal empowerment and inner peace. In this awareness and attunement, we can walk the path leading to our highest fulfillment—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The "Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary," also made available just before each New Moon, articulates the opportunity for growth in consciousness each lunar month offers and how each month's lunar theme unfolds throughout the changing phases of the Lunar Calendar. I explore the theme of each lunar month and its unfoldment in our lives with "astronomical star-level astrology" which I have evolved over decades. This is not sign-based astrology reducing the heavens to twelve archetypes, but is experientially-based astrology, much like one would naturally learn by living and sleeping under the starry heavens. I explore planetary alignments with all of the individual stars and constellations in the entire celestial sphere, along with the myriad of interweaving planetary cycles, their themes and where we are in those cycles. Looking at the astrology of individual stars rather than that of mere astrological signs (whether tropical or sidereal signs), is like adjusting an out of focus camera lens into crystal clarity. Each lunar cycle nesting within the longer-term planetary cycles, weaves a story line of our evolutionary unfoldment and spiritual awakening.

The monthly Lunar Planner Commentary is based in star level, Sidereal Astrology and Synodic Astrology with unique and original Galactic Star Lore—the mythology (picture language) of the Greater Heavens.

The Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary is available for a small subscription fee, merely the price of one good Cappuccino per month. New subscribes have a five-day trial period to explore the current Monthly Lunar Planner before committing to the 6-month subscription. You can also visit the Lunar Planner Archive to view previous issues of the Lunar Planner so you can get a feel for what the monthly Lunar Planners are all about. Lunar Planners older than a couple of months are made available to non-subscribers.

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Although each lunar month's astrological commentary reveals the dynamics of the unfolding lunar theme and provides an embracing context to our experience, it is adjunct material. It is not necessary to read the monthly astrology in order to learn to live in attunement to the lunar cycles, as offered in the above free Lunar Planner Introduction and by using each month's free Lunar Calendar. The monthly Lunar Planner Commentary is also a wonderful educational tool for astrologers wishing to learn more about astronomy, synodic cycles, the fixed stars and their influence in astrology.

Whether you subscribe to the Monthly Lunar Planner or not, the rest of the Lunar Planner web site is packed full of educational resources, which are free and available to everyone. So please feel welcome to explore.


Hi Nick,

I wanted to write you a note and let you know that you are the first subscription that I have ever signed up for on the internet since I have been using it. I have been so used to everything being free for so long in the 'wild-west' days of the web that I didn't really find anything I thought was worth paying for... Until you!

I have been wanting to write you / speak with you for a while anyway because the level of your understanding is so profound that I wanted to connect a little more on where it is coming from. I had been aware of your work through another galactic astrologer friend of mine years ago. She was sending me some of your work...and since I have found it online and I print it out and read it faithfully every month...

So this is to tell you that I think subscribing to your work is well worth it. Your level of understanding and galactic connectivity is profound and it has opened much understanding for thank you for your work and all that you carry ~ Nickki Lee Hill

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• 2016 05 02 New Frontiers in Consciousness 2016-2017. Disclosure & Discovery Possibilities
Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea

We explore an unprecedented planetary configuration occurring in 2016-2017 in this commentary that may help to unravel humanity's current view of reality and that may open us to a far more embracing awareness that changes every facet of human life as well as our current world paradigm—perhaps in a radically disruptive way at first, but resulting in a progressive outcome in the longer term.

• 2016 03 23 Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020.
The Saturn-Neptune Square & the Saturn-Neptune 36.4-year synodic cycle & the Saturn-Uranus 45-year cycle. The Jupiter-Saturn Square and the Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle, the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron opposition and their synodic cycles. The Neptune-Orcus opposition & the Neptune-Orcus 498-year synodic cycle.

Revolution & Revelation:The Uranus-Pluto Square 2012-2015
This article is an in-depth exploration of the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square, the initial Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began in the mid-1960s, and the energetics of these events catalyzing what should become another major evolutionary transition for us all.

Although we are now through the transition (2012-2015 geocentric square), we are just into the first few degrees of the second "creative action quarter" of this 138-year cycle. This quarter continues through the Uranus-Pluto opposition, which occurs in 2047. The escalation of radical and revolutionary actions occuring in the world today are, in part, a product of our entry into the action quarter of the Uranus-Pluto cycle.

Your Natal Eris and the 2012 - 2015 Uranus-Pluto Square
Uranus transits your natal Eris while Pluto squares Uranus and your natal Eris for people born from 1944 through 1988. Find out when this occurs for you. Also on the horizon is the new Uranus-Eris Generation birthing in 2016.

The Juno-Sedna Synodic Cycles at the Juno-Sedna Orbital Plane Crossing 2014-2018. Emergence of the Feminine into Relationships and Partnerships of all Types.

Outer-Planet Synodic Cycles Timeline (1940-2040)

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Some Reference Material

2014-2020 Annual Graphic Ephemerides

Sidereal Astrology: Earth's Precession and the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiaks

Clockwise Whole House Rotation & your Natal Cross in Sidereal Astrology

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Astronomical News

Our Place in Space to launch in Venice
Astronomy and art combine in a brand new Hubble-inspired exhibition 20 January 2017

Hubble: Our Place In Space

For 26 years, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has been expanding our cosmic horizons. In capturing an astronomical number of images, Hubble has revealed and shared the beauty, wonder, and complexity of the Universe. Now on 1 February 2017, a new exhibition called Our Place in Space will open in Venice, Italy. It will present a breathtaking visual journey, through our Solar System and out to the edge of the known Universe, alongside Hubble-inspired works by contemporary Italian artists....

After being on display in Venice the exhibition will be shown in the medieval town of Chiavenna, Italy, from 5 May to 31 August 2017. There it will be hosted at the Palazzo Vertemate and other nearby palaces. Afterwards it will be put on display in Garching, Germany, in the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre. Further stops in other European countries, the USA and even Australia are planned. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge on all occasions.

Ceres by Dawn

Ceres by Dawn

• Sept 1, 2016 - Ceres' Geological Activity, Ice Revealed in New Research: A lonely 3-mile-high (5-kilometer-high) mountain on Ceres is likely volcanic in origin, and the dwarf planet may have a weak, temporary atmosphere. These are just two of many new insights about Ceres from NASA's Dawn mission published this week in six papers in the journal Science. &Dawn has revealed that Ceres is a diverse world that clearly had geological activity in its recent past,& said Chris Russell, principal investigator of the Dawn mission, based at the University of California, Los Angeles....

• Sept. 2, 2016 - Jupiter’s North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System: NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter’s north pole, taken during the spacecraft’s first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on. The images show storm systems and weather activity unlike anything previously seen on any of our solar system’s gas-giant planets....

• July, 2015 - The New Horizons spacecraft made its long awaited flyby past Pluto and Charon, bringing unprecedented images of Pluto and Charon. See images and videos at NASA New Horizons.

Pluto and Charon by NASA's New Horizons

New Horizons Pluto & Charon by NASA July 2015

• Dec, 2011 - NASA's Dawn Spacecraft, while orbiting Vesta, found some surprising things on the giant asteroid—things that have prompted this statement from Chris Russell, Dawn principal investigator from UCLA: "We're seeing enormous mountains, valleys, hills, cliffs, troughs, ridges, craters of all sizes, and plains. Vesta is not a simple ball of rock. This is a world with a rich geochemical history. It has quite a story to tell!."

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