The Unfoldment of Number

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Harmonic Families

As found in numerical teachings throughout the ages, from the schools of the Pythagorean lineage, to those of music theory, to the Kabbalah, the natural unfoldment of number is fundamental to all life. The principle of numerical progression underlies matter, energy, and consciousness in all of its forms.

Although each number has its own unique character and quality, numbers are not separate from each other, but are intimately linked extensions in one unified, creative process. Here we will explore the sequential character of number in its simplicity—as the division and evolution of consciousness.

It is commonly thought that each number arises from its previous number by adding one (1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3, and so on.). In nature, however, we find that numerical unfoldment is also a process of division: e.g., if we take a pie and cut it in half we have two pieces. If we cut the pie again we have four pieces. Thus we are multiplying the number of pieces we have by continually dividing the whole.

Let us further explore the process of multiplication and division in the unfoldment of our primary numbers, 1 through 9. Thomas Taylor, in "Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans," develops the following principle: Within the ennead (1 through 9), each number arises from its previous number simply by adding 1, but not all numbers within the ennead are produced by (the product of) two other numbers. For example, there are no two numbers that produce 2, 3, 5, or 7. Nor does every number produce another number within the ennead: 2 produces 4, and 4 produces 8; 3 produces 6 and 9; but 5 does not produce any other number within the ennead. However, 5 does produce 10 from 2—thus 5 is the means for ascension out of the ennead, from all other number. Seven does not produce another number within the ennead either, or even within the decad (1 through 10)—thus 7 is special. Seven is the crown or sacred number, exalted above all others.

Arithmetic Number Production

We are a division of the Whole of All That Is—
a part of, not separate from.
From this wholeness, or nothingness—Zero—a spark
ignites a flame—One is born.


One is the monad because 1 encapsulates all that will unfold. One is divine—before division. One is immortal, meaning durative—always there, spaceless and timeless; remaining within all that will become as 1 unfolds. One is both order and chaos. One is fire and sun, idea and mind. One is unified intelligence with the potential to fraction itself into more than it is. Since 1 embodies 2, 1 is androgynous, yet with the means to separate itself into a twin-flamed soul. One is eternal because 1 continues, becoming even as 2, and odd again as 3. One is both full and empty. One is being, and 1 is alone, but 1 cannot be alone—for 1 must become. Unbounded, 1 is emergence, creative and expressive—the original cause, purpose, word, and tone. One is the macrocosm and the microcosm. One is alpha to omega, beginning to end. One is Truth and 1 is the flame of Love.


Two emerges from 1 as 1 divides itself, creating a line, creating 1's mirror image perspective of self. Two holds a charge in polarity for 3's space to open, and for 4's cycle to emerge—the cycle of growth that will become the creative, evolutionary unfoldment of the soul. Two is the separation of the monad into the bipolar duad, the twin-flamed soul—unadulterated, durative, cardinal, and pure. Titillating in the polarity of sexuality, 2 is seductive and tantalizing—longing for the other.

Two is equal because 2 + 2 = 2 x 2; but 2 is audaciously opposite, is of reflection and challenge, rebellious in its duality. Two is incomplete, and so 2's incompleteness emphasizes difference. Two wants the fullness of 1, which 2 does not have, and so 2 wants its reflection—but in this, 2 finds only its own image. Voracious, 2 is insatiable.

Two generates and procreates because 2 is the endless passionate desire for Love. Two will eventually learn that fullness is found in relationship, between its dual nature, rather than in its other part, where is found only the continual, stimulating oscillation in the bi-sexual charge to creatively grow.

Two is still unseen, interacting upon its line in-between, an interweaving breath to share. Two allows palpation and feeling, conflict and compassion—the electrical charge in the air. Two provides vision, enthusiasm, and realization. Two is the womb holding space for souls to grow. Two is still really just 1, merely 1's division. Two is air. Like the breath of the wind, 2 will change, and eventually 2 will become whole.


The Grand Trine

Three births as 1 divides in 2, because enduring unity, plus duality, precipitates triplicity. Three extends 2, stretching 2 into a suspension of coalesced light, into a plane of space. Three is active, creative movement, undulating, providing an entry though an open door in the æthers to birth and growth. Three is the portal through which descends the durative soul. Three is expansive, the resolution of duality—the release of pressure in rain.

Unbegotten 3 is perfect, a triangle, a grand trine, and so 3 is sacred and single unto itself. Three is magnetic, making space for the electric charge of 2. Three allows for and embraces the exciting entwining, the raging dramatics, and the complementary perfection of 2, that 2 may take form in 4. Three is the way, a triangular corridor of light, the chalice that fills the longing of 2. Three is spirit, the Holy Trinity, the fluid of life, sacred sex, the solution of love for the incarnate soul. Three is wet, the dew, the manna of Heaven—a droplet of love from ceaseless 1, pouring forth through the incompleteness of 2. The fire of 1 ignites the air between 2 precipitating the watery droplet of 3. Three is the descent of the Dove, in the undulating ocean of Love.


The Grand Square

In the geometry of Earth's Precessional Cross, two manifests as the galactic equatorial nodes (the GEN and Anti-GEN), the "Gate of God" and the "Gate of Man." We see 4 manifesting from 2 in the moving vernal axis of the Precessional Cross, making possible souls' cycle of growth in time through the temporal world. The fixed galactic axis is that of the durative soul, transcending all incarnational experience, whereas the moving vernal axis is that of the punctual soul precipitating lives through temporal time.

Four arises from 3—and from 3's perspective—4 creates a 3-sided pyramid, emblem of the primordial 3-dimensional world floating in space as 4 becomes the seasonal world. The duality of 2, expressing through 3 to become 4, creates direction and consequence. Four is earth—a place for 1's fire, 2's wind and 3's rain. Four is weather and change, light and shadow. Four is north, south east and west. Four is the temporal natural world.

Two begets 4, creating a square, 2 x 2, the first square after 1, a grand square. Bypassing and spanning 3, 4 is thus anakaranic, a bridge, the means to become whole through a cycle of growth in time. Four is magnitude and measure, proportion and direction. Four provides the cyclic bounds for reincarnating soul, the temporal stage upon which the durative soul will grow in the tides of space in time.

Not only does 2 beget 4, but in 2's own expression, 2 adds to itself to become 4. Thus, being both the sum and product of 2, 4 is abundant, gathering temporal fullness, accumulative through time; and for the soul, multiplying an abundance of incarnational experience.

Four, the geometric middle of 2 and 8 (2 is to 4 as 4 is to 8), is of time and proportion. Four is the experiential plane, unfolding in time, where the dual nature of soul incurs responsibility for life, actions that later will be matured into balance by harmonizing 8. Four creates the challenge to act and to change.


Five, begotten by none, is sacred. Of itself 5 is the pent, the grand quintile, unique, different from all that has been before. Five is of transmutation and transformation. Five allows freedom from lower three-dimensional form, from being locked eternally in a cyclic square of time.

The Spinal Antennae of Man

Five reorients what was a perpetual cycle in the horizontal plane of the dualistic would to a vertical perspective where makes possible the ascension of man: i.e., the horizontal spinal column of animal to the vertically arrayed antenna system (spinal column) of man.

Five progresses from 4, but from 4's perspective, 5 lies above. Five creates a quincunx, emblem of applied evolutionary creative force, the phoenix rising from the temporal world, or a 4-sided pyramid, emblem of the sentient individual seeking spiritual attainment through the initiatory fire in the tides of incarnate life. Five lifts 2's relationship from it's dance of opposites in 4's perpetual round in the temporal bounds of the lower quaternary world. Five twists from the horizontal plane of the temporal world to become a spinning dance. Five is life itself, evolving, growing, to become the flower that life is. Five is quintessence—the nucleus from which the spiral of life unfolds.

Phi Formula Phi Spiral

This is the "generalized formula" from which Phi, the Fibonacci Sequence,
and other well known number sequences form.
See the "Composition of Number" by Barbara Mae Brunner to learn more.

The Grand Quintile

Aspects: Quintile 72°, Semi-Quintile 36°,
Bi-Quintile 144°, Co-Quintile 108°
Pentagonal Earthgrid Map

Five leads to Phi, the golden proportion/ratio/relationship. Five and Phi build and permeate the spiral of life. Phi is seen in all that is alive—from the sun-flower to the human flower to our spinning solar system. Phi molds the temporal forces of life into their majestic beauty. Through the Eye of Phi is how we find the way between the spaces, through the forces of polarity in the dualistic world of space and time. Phi is unconditional acceptance of all experience, holding no resistance, and passing no judgment, seeing only beauty to become. Phi seeks not to amass, but always gives more than it takes, because Phi is not a division of equality but of perfection—the harmonious path (proportion) of love and compassion. Phi is 5 plus Love (1) divided by the relationship of 2; thus Phi is the way, the answer for two—a relationship of compassion and unconditional love. Phi opens the flower of life that spirals the twin-flamed soul from its cycle of growth in space and time to its destined evolutionary freedom in the Divine Union of 2 spiraled into radiant light.

Five is the middle number, the creative fire of 1 transforming itself to become 10—the means to become whole once again. Begetting 10 from 2, 5 makes ascension possible for the durative soul from the bounds of temporal 4, from the rounds in the cycle of the incarnate world. Five is the number of incarnate human—the "number of man"—and Phi holds the transcendent secret hidden in human's heart: the path of compassion, the only way to true freedom.

Five embodies 2 and 3. The ratio 3:2 is the musical Fifth—revealing that 2, holding sight in the perfection of the trinity, beyond judgment of 2's duality, can transcend the tempest of temporal 4. Three's assertion "let thine eye be single" is a statement to release all judgment of 2's duality; to see the unity beyond duality. Until this is done, one is trapped 4-ever in reincarnational time. One can do this only as 5, while temporally alive as incarnate wo/man. Five is also the hypotenuse to the 3-4-5 right-angled triangle, and so 5 is the solution to what has been before, the way to rise from 4's temporal time square.


The Grand Sextile

The relationship of the arithmetic reduction of a number (derived from cross-adding the digits) and the geometric reduction of the same number (derived from cross-multiplying the digits) reveals a significant ratio in the artscience of numerological coding.

Six divides itself in 2 to become 12; the arithmetic reduction of 12 is 3 (1 + 2 = 3), and the geometric reduction of 12 is 2 (1 x 2 = 2)—thus, 6 is two (2) souls who are fixed (hexed) in 3's solution of love.

The ratio 2:3 is the musical fifth, the most pleasing and harmonious resonance in the octave—hence a fundament quality of the number 6; and a tantric clue for what it takes for two to become divine.

Six—arising from 5, begotten by both 2 and 3, and progressing from 2 through 4—places a fix, a hex, on 5, thus making what moves, still; but in this stillness love abounds, for 6 holds the place of Heart. Multifaceted 6 is of harmony, beauty, and love; the grand sextile. Six embodies the beauty of spirit married in flesh and form. Six is voluptuous, sensuous, and bountiful.

Begotten by 2 and 3, 6 makes possible the integration of the durative soul through the sacred marriage of the incarnate male and female—the sacred marriage of man and woman thus becoming goddess and god. Six is of union and family. Six consecrates in demonstrable manifestation the complementary perfection of male and female upon the droplet of 3's sacred space. Six molds the interplay of duality into spatial form. Six is the next perfect number, completely equal and poised within itself, and so 6 is foundational to the true, unconditional divine union of genuine soul partners—unified and crystallized in the solution of love.

As a progression from 2 through 4 (2+2+2), 6 is substance built from the dual nature of 2 expressing through the temporal, natural world of 4. Here, 6 is the expression of the twin-flamed soul interweaving through the incarnate cycles of temporal time. Six is 2 destined to endure through the human trials challenging 2's enduring love. Six is the couple fitting gracefully together as two sides of the same heart. Six is symmetry, consonance, equivalence; persistent in vision and purpose, unfolding in time.

As a progression from 3 (3+3), 6 is built from a mutual release, a mergence, a surrender of all unto the other. Two matured beyond duality by 3, now infused in love, lie upon each other, merge within each other, and unconditionally love throughout each other's entirety of being. Six is harmony and solution in the material world—the compliments, male and female, working synergistically together, harnessing the creative attributes of both, entwined in the manifestation of one unified heart. Six is realization that the way is not one taken alone, of separation, but is of unity, not only in the horizontal world of male and female, but also in the vertical world of spirit and form.

Six stills the heart for the infusion of soul. As the (arithmetical) middle of 3 and 9, 6 unites two interweaving trines—one pointing up, the other pointing down. Six is the hexagram or 6-pointed star, emblem of the marriage of the spiritual and the physical, the vertical fusion of spirit and matter, of human and divine. Thus through the perfect horizontal union of two hearts, a vertical portal opens for the descent of the Dove manifest in flesh—Enochian flamed droplets of love. Six blesses two who transcend the initiatory rite of man (5), who find the path of compassion (Phi) and unite together in the stillness of love.



Seven is the capstone of the polar arc—the circle in the heavens inscribed by Earth's precessing pole. This is the king-dome of the heavens—the Heptanomis—overseeing Earth's Precessional Cycle and the evolutionary cycle of the soul. Seven is the only number from 1 through 9 that when divided into a circle of 360° yields not a whole number but an irrational division. One seventh (1 / 7) equals 0.142857142857... / 51.428571...°) The sequence 142857... is the fundamental repeating harmonic of the hept geometry, a linking sequence found in harmonic math that permeates the spacetime boundaries of whole-number harmonics.

Seven, begotten by none nor begetting any other, is stationary and directionless, and so 7 is everpresent and omniscient. Unique unto itself and aloof, 7 is pinnacle, of the high spiritual realm. Both 5 and 7 are un-begotten and therefore sacred. Overseeing and ever-embracing, 7 is the complementary transcendent prime of the 5 of man.

Understanding the forces of 5's initiatory rite, 7, of the king-dome, provides guiding wisdom for 5's incarnate man. Seven is the capstone to sacred 5, the arisen spirit of incarnate man—the body of light, the gateway for man to return to God.

Seven is cardinal, sanctified, magik, a blessing, a bestowal, a gift, fortune, luck, serendipity, and fulfillment—all found in the stillness of being. Seven is angelic, of heaven's music in light, colour, and sound. Seven links, unites, and entirely transcends spatial form and temporal time. Seven is spaceless and lives in forever-time. Although 7 is sought, 7 seeks not. Seven embraces all other numbers unconditionally—what was and what will be. Seven receives 6 as 6 unfolds, and 7 kisses 8, which always returns to 7's love. Seven is sanctified, destined, spiritual, 7 is Universal Love.

Seven by seven you will come to know, in the 49th octave, what is light solidified into form, mistaken as a space of matter separated in time. This they call Maya, but to know light travels not, but is only perceived as space in distance between form, an illusion in the eye of the beholder, a mere point of attention to be released to know undulating waves in the field of being. Just seven notes of a chord, for all ye who seek to find. Here we take no time nor space, but become where wish to be.


Eight rises from 7's love, is begotten by 2 and 4, progresses by 2 through 4 and 6, and is the first cube (2 x 2 x 2). As the first cube, 8 is perfectly symmetrical, bringing depth and balance to soul's incarnational round on 4's temporal cycle in space and time. Begotten by 2 and 4, 8 is the division of time's circle of quarters. Eight assembles, integrates and amalgamates the polarities found in 4's temporal experience into the timeless wisdom of the durative soul.

Lunar Rhythms

Symmetrical eight makes what was east, west; what was up, down. Inverting space and time, and reversing roles, 8 creates equipoise from what would otherwise be merely a one-sided linear experience. Eight is of reincarnation itself, multiplying temporal plane experience to complete all fragments of time left undone. Eight ensures that all elements, all sides of life, are experienced—so 8 reduces life into its most basic elemental form.

Amassing experience, 8 is of the masses, of the individual lives of the soul, and of the individual elements that make up the natural world. Eight is umbilical, linking one life to another. Eight's experience nourishes and provides growth for the soul, so 8 is mothering in character. Compassionate, caring, and all-embracing, 8 is of unconditional, nonjudgmental love. Emotional, soft and sensual, 8 is the force of feeling emerging through time.

Eight is graceful sophistication, eloquence, a sensorial dance in time and space. Governing the tides of life, 8 is cause and effect, ebb and flow. Eight is the art of tai-chi, embracing what comes by entwining it with the experience of what has been. The result of 2 evolving through the natural world of 4 and the harmony and stillness of 6, 8 is yin and yang entwined together throughout time.

Because 8 occurs after motionless and directionless 7, and is 2 times 2 times 2 again, 8 is recursive, folding time back upon itself. Arising from 7, but inverting and reversing direction, 8 comes to face itself, to realize the outer world is but the reflection of waves of motion occuring within self, and so to embrace all of life's experience as self.

Eight is two 4s, (2 x 4), and four 2s, thus 8 is the journey, the sojourn through the duality of temporal time's cycle of life, flowing with life in attunement to the rhythms of the natural world. Eight is palpable, experiential, reflective of the lunar cycles. By balancing all of experience, 8 creates law, justice and order. Sagacious 8 rights all wrongs and establishes universal balance in the world by embracing the duality of all experience within.


The Symmetry of Nine

Nine is a chalice, plentiful and full because 9 comprehends all number before it. Nine bears no further number, so 9 is free to be. But 9 must complete all that has been, and all that was balanced by 8. Nine integrates and assimilates, and having comprehended all before it, 9 must let go of all it has been.

Nine gains its wholeness through reciprocation. Nine is of service—the assistant, minister and caregiver—giving back what has been gained throughout life's numerical unfoldment. Nine learns that to lead is to serve and that to gain is to give. Nine is pure of ulterior or external motive.

Begotten only by 3, 9 fulfills what began at 3. Like 3, 9 is perfect in and of itself. Nine's symbol is the flip of 6. Through the mean of 6, infused spirit married in form, 9 reorients 3's plane of space. Three is horizontal, dedicated to birth life; 9 is vertical, integrous to Source. As the second square (3 x 3), an odd square, 9 masters time. But any number that 9 begets will reduce back to 9 (9 x 8 = 72; 7+2 = 9); thus 9 must always face itself, reducing whatever it does back to itself, until it is pure. Nine must own as its own all that is and all that it experiences, and yet must give it all away. As 3 plus 3 and 3 again, 9 is chained, but when 9 is ready, alchemically pure, 9 transcends and becomes an unbounded being. Nine is done, yet is fundamental to the underlying resonance from which light contracts and expands to become matter and space. Nine is causal in nature, that which drives our perception and life expression, and so will birth again.


Although not of our ennead, 10 is the ascension of 1 attained through 9—one who has become unified, illumined; one body of Divine Light. Ten is fulfillment, 1 empowered. Ten reduces to 1, initiating, creating, yet anew.


Zero can be thought of as the un-manifest potential, the Whole from which 1, a monad expresses. Thus when zero is alone it implies nothing and all that is at the same time. When zero is added to a number it increases its potential by an order of magnitude (1, 10, 100, 1000). I am, therefore I am, unlimited potential to become.

Your Personal Numbers

The day of the month on which we are born, arithmetically reduced to a single digit (e.g., if born on the 24th, reduce 24 by adding 2 + 4 = 6), reveals the nature of our day-to-day modality of being. This number reveals not only our daily nature, but also a facet of that which we are learning to master in our day-to-day world. There is far more to numerology and to our birth numbers, but this is one simple example of how the quality of number expresses in our lives.

Numbers beyond 9 certainly have meaning of their own. For example, 11 (Venus) and 22 (Jupiter) are also master numbers which are held in their original form as well as reduced (11 becomes 2 and 22 becomes 4, the Moon and Sun).

Another numerological process that reveals a part of our nature is to arithmetically reduced an entire birth date:

Example: Nov 5, 1922 =>1+1+5+1+9+2+2 = 21 => 2+1 = 3.

A more advanced process is to geometrically reduce a birth date (multipling each individual digit rather than adding them) and place the product over the sum. This yields a ratio (the geometric reduction over the arithmetic reduction) which can not only be reduced and has esoteric meaning, but that also has a musical quality. For example, a date that reduces to the ratio 3:2 resonates to the Perfect Fifth, one that reduces to the ratio 5:4 resonates to the Major Third.


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* * *